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coming up for you. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark partly sunny friday march 11th. this morning we are following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit japan followed by a 23- foot tsunami. there is a tsunami warning for the entire pacific coast including in the bay area. a small wave is expected to hit here just after 8:00 this morning. it hit 80 miles off the coast of japan at 9:46:00 p.m. our time last night. it was 2:46:00 p.m. in japan. the tsunami that followed swept away boats, cars, homes, and people. the official death toll right now stands at 60 people dead with an additional 56 people missing and we expect that number to grow. >> we are keeping an eye on hawaii as they brace for that tsunami. this is video from last night on awahoo or the big island of hawaii shortly after the tsunami sirens were activated. they are still activating the sirens. it's in hawaii. they have issued the tsunami warnings for hawaii and the entire pacific coast including here. the waves will hit the heinz coastlines. they were expected 30 minutes ag
morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us it's tuesday, march 22nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is back. >> i'm so glad. >> me too. we do have scattered shower morning but mostly cloudy and tonight that breeze will pick up. we'll also see rain developing. right now it's main any in the east bay. let me stop this for you. we will go right there. that's where the focus is from fairfield and concord. south bay has some as well stretching from morgan hill to san martin. >>> right now traffic is moving well in marin county heading south to 580 and continuing across the richmond bridge if you're trying to get in and out of marin county. also we're looking a the the commute in san francisco. it has been a few showers as steve has mentioned. you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> in a few hours opening statements begin in barry bonds perjury trial. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco with a lock at what is happening today both in the courtroom and behind closed do
clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it has been pretty wile as far as weather goes and it sounds like it are continue. >> yes. we will remain active and unsettle as we move into the week ahead. yes it will be isogeny one. light showers in the forecast this morning. we have seen a few. occasional sprinkles in the afternoon and the week ahead. we have several storms lined up. good morning, sal. >>> right now northbound 101 in san francisco looks okay. approaching the 80 split and and freeways are clear. also the morning commute will be okay westbound bay bridge coming into san francisco with no major problems at the toll plaza. some of the rain has left one area flooded and possibly not usable. ktvu kraig debro is live until marin county with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, sal. you know the situations that we sometimes see that look incredible that people have been dealing with for allonge time. this man in the parking lot say they have been dealing with this for a long time. this pond started to form around 1:30 this morning. that was because of i'm quoting
for joining us it's friday march 18th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic here is steve. >> thank you very much. on this friday we have cloudy skies and rain already. the heavier part of the system will come in late morning to early afternoon. some of the bursts of rain have been decent. the front is still a ways away. we still have a couple hours. out ahead of that -- there are other areas that have rain. this is the main one stretching from petaluma over toward napa and toward parts of the east bay and right over to marin county. there is plenty more to go. we will talk about that in five minutes. here is sal. >>> right now on westbound 92 traffic is moving along pretty well. no major problems. also this morning it's wet. san francisco is a little bit of rain moving through. northbound 101 traffic is going to be okay still. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> today japan increased the alert of its nuclear crisis from a level four to a level five on a scale of seven. that level five puts the japanese nuclear incident at the same level of the 1979 five mile
of high clouds. they'll be with us here for a while but highs will end up mid- 60s for some, upper 60s for some. low 70s for others. temperatures slightly warm. a veil of high clouds that will thin out this afternoon. tara with an update on traffic. >>> thanks, steve. look at golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing well into the city at this hour. and at the bay bridge you can see that traffic is flowing just fine on into san francisco from this direction as well. no problems to report as of yet. 5:00 on the nose. let's head back to the desk. >>> topping our news this morning a search is underway for a former pittsburgh counselor who skipped town during his child molestation trial. he failed to show up after a dramatic courthouse run in. ktvu's kraig debro is in pittsburgh to talk about this unusual case. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. and where he is is a big question. he may have his passport with him. so he may not even be in the country depending on whether or not the prosecution took away his passport. now, the person who jumped bail after sitting for four day
in the barry bonds perjury trial will resume in san francisco. tara moriarty tells us the first witness goes back to the stand for cross-examination. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. all he had to do was tell the truth and he couldn't do it. that's what the government's appointment on this case is saying about barry bonds. the federal drug agent in charge of the steroids case this morning he resumes the stand. others expected to appeared to bonds' childhood friend who had a fallout with him in his signed memorabilia business. mike murphy also appear at giants clubhouse manager who will testify as to the increase of bonds' size. and vice president indicted by a grand jury for money laundering and conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs. >> we've said all along that we were looking forward to and welcoming the chance to test the accusations in court with cross-examination with a jury who is going to pay attention to all the facts and we're very happy to be doing that right now. >> reporter: now in court yesterday bonds' attorney told the jury that bonds has told the truth. yes, he
. >>> and the witness who testified barry bonds' steroid use was "out of hand" as the perjury trial intensifies. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is thursday march 24th. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. get right to our top story this morning. we're on storm watch and we have coverage. jade hernandez standing by out checking for flooding as well as trouble spots on the road. sal of course is watching your commute. but first meteorologist steve paulson is here with the latest on the storm. >>> all right, dave, pam, we have cloudy skies and scattered showers out in advance of this system. but the bulk of the system will come in in the next couple of hours. yesterday's system gets bumped out because this next fast developing system is beginning to move inland. so far the rain is just moving in now. this is a lighter ban that moves in towards the north bay. but the leading edge is just beginning to get in there. come out wide and i'll show you where the bulk is. it's still well offshore. it's still developing. so once this ramps up and starts to co
't tell us what happened immediately after police arrived. but at some point, a person appeared to be intent on fleeing police. she hit the support beam and that's some of the damage. firefighters did come out to check out the support beam and make sure the building was sound. there's about six apartment units behind us. and police did catch up with the driver on california. she was arrested. but again, at this point, police aren't able to tell us what she was arrested for or why she was trying to flee police. we went to headquarters and they said a sergeant wasn't available to give us anymore information. we will continue to try to get more information and bring you an update. >>> a st. mary's college student is being held on bail this morning accused of exposing himself to children at a gym. the 22-year-old student reportedly exposed himself to two 5-year-olds at a fitness gym back on march 14th. he was arrested wednesday, and booked on suspension of indecent exposure and annoying or molesting children. >>> they'll reopen today as scheduled after a music engineer at the club a
joining us it is wednesday right? march 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> all right good morning, we do have coastal fog. i haven't said that in awhile. there is patchy fog on the coast. that means 60s there. higher clouds up above. that would be the only thing to stop us from really getting warmer. we will see mid 70s around the bay. upper 70s to a few low 80s. santa rosa is 82 by the way. it will be close today and warmer. here is sal. >>> traffic is moving well on westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. there are no major problems there. also the morning commute is okay if you are driving on southbound 101 through marin county. let's go back to the desk. >>> at 5:00 we are starting with developing news coming from strength. crews are still at the scene of a building fire. everyone has been evacuated but there are some people being treated now for smoke inhalation. ktvu paul chambers is live at the scene. >> reporter: the people were able to just go back inside their apartment just right now. 19th avenue has been reop
of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says there's no more water in one of the spent fuel pools at the plant. increasing the chance of widespread nuclear fallout. however, japanese officials deny that that pool is dry. the u.s. government is now chartering airplanes to help evacuate u.s. citizens from japan because of the rising radiation levels. voluntary evacuation to family members of government employees. >>> time now 5:01. scientists here on the west coast are closely watching the movement of the radioactive plume coming from the crippled japanese nuclear reactors. it's expected to hit the illusion islands south of alaska some time today. that plume is then expected to reach southern california late tomorrow. the health experts are emphasizing radiation levels are plunging as that plume moves across the ocean. at worse they say health consequences here in the united states would be extremely minor. >>> now the environmental protection agency is installing additional radiation monitors here in california to just stay on top of the current threat. ktvu's jade hernandez joinin
to reports of several gunshots being fired. the police are giving us details. we are told more than ten shots were fired in the 400 block of gertrude avenue. police found two vehicles in the area that were hit by the gunfire. no injuries have been reported. the police investigation continues at this hour. >>> some san francisco business owners say a homeless shelter is bad for business. jade hernandez is in san francisco this morning to talk about the complaints. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the shelter in question is just down the street. the frustration is about the homeless drinking, smoking, and using drugs. this is the shelter up close which some nearby businesses are pushing to make changes. the next door shelter in the tenderloin at 1001 polk. the facility has heard about the problems which group lead evers have shared with them. this business imparticular fresh water fish has complained of the city. a local group has met to discuss changes which might alleviate the behavior driving other customers away. one is to install a rooftop garden for smokers. additional secur
. the u.s. navy has started moving ships and aircraft away from the coast of japan. the estimated death toll has topped 10,000 from the earthquake and tsunami in japan. that is after 1,000 more bodies washed ashore an long japan's northeast coastline. large areas are still surrounded by water. they are unreachable. survivors in the hardest hit area have been without running water or electricity since that 8.9 quake hit on friday. ktvu jana katsuyama is in tokyo for us this morning. think will bring us a live update that is coming up in the next hour. >>> safety concerns will keep the traffic away from boat harbors. docks are unstable in some parts. there is also concerns they could leak fuel or oil. harm to wildlife has been minimal so far. >> we think we dodged the bullet environmentally. most of the boats carried a low amount of fuel. >>> right now in san jose hundreds of students, staff, and faculty from evergreen college are getting ready to board buss to sacramento. we are live. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. the students beline me are fired up. there is a group of 50 of them
a few hours testimony resumes in the perjury trial of barry bonds. ktvu allie rasmus tells us bonds' former mistress is scheduled to take the stand today. why is that? >> that's right. it could lead to some slightly uncomfortable moments in the courtroom later this afternoon. barry bonds' is expected to come face to face with his former mistress. kimberly belle is expected to testify against bonds today that he never knowingly used steroids. the former giants baseball star was in court for jury selection and for three days of testimony last week. today, bell his exgirlfriend is expected to tell the jury that bonds admitted to her he was using steroids. >> he told me this was something he was doing. >> reporter: bonds former mistress is expected to talk about some of the changes in his body. now in bonds' defense his attorneys are expected to make the case that bell his exgirlfriend has an ax to grind with him. that bell had asked bonds for money about $100,000 for a house payment. money she ultimately never received. it could be a slightly uncomfortable afternoon for testimony for b
to be accidental in nature. >> reporter: fire officials tell us there is $200,000 worth of damage here. this business is not opening up today just because there's way too much damage inside and fire officials say it could be some time before they open up just because of all the damage. they've tried contacting the owner of this restaurant and called all the numbers that you see on the signs. but unfortunately they haven't been able to get a hold of that owner. so this could be a big surprise when he comes here this morning. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> well, gang violence is surging in san francisco's mission district. and police are trying to stop it. the latest incident where more than a dozen shots fired in broad daylight happened yesterday at 24th and harrison. ktvu's jade hernandez is in the studio this morning. jade, how are police responding to this? >> reporter: well, they had an emergency meeting last night. and we're live at city hall where san francisco supervisor who actually attended that meeting last night was there. the reason why was because th
. welcome to monday march 7th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for weather. >> thank you very much. wind is a big story today. the rain has moved south and east. but already gusts up to 50 miles an hour at the point rays lighthouse. along the coast and higher elevations gusts over 40 at the surface. we are seeing 20-30 miles an hour. west, northwest wind with 50s and 60s. here is tara. >> thanks. we do have a high wind advisory in effect. here is a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving well at this hour. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic you can see is also moving well. the wind is still a factor. let's head back to the desk. >>> topping our news this morning. there is a long line of people camping out waiting to purchase a certain kind of permit this morning in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro is there with this new policy that is effecting all of this. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is a kind of line you don't stand in. there is no word if there is a limited number of permits but sinc
morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. pretty warm night. >> yes, it is. >> sounds like a warm day. let's check in with steve paulson. >> thank you, pamela and dave. good morning everyone. skies are clear. mild upper 40s and low 50s. 60-degree reading right now in san francisco. any hint of a north-northeast wind it will be sunny. that won't be the problem. tonight worry about clouds and possibility of record highs today. especially as we go into the afternoon. the old records and forecasted highs all these on the panel will either set a record high or be very close. coast, bay and inland lots of 80s. here's sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic on the bay bridge looks pretty good getting into san francisco. you can see traffic is moving well into the city. also this morning the traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on the san mateo bridge across the peninsula. it's 5:00. back to dave and pam. >>> topping our news this morning, three families have been forced out of their homes after another local landslide. ktvu's kraig debro is in mountain view this morning where s
morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's wednesday march 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> pretty good rain yesterday afternoon especially toward the north bay. about a tenth of an inch to three quarters of an inch. we have some going through right now. this will be it as we get this by. what is going through the north bay right now. highs today will not be as warm. they will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. and then scattered showers. here's an update on your traffic with sal. >>> traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in marin county. southbound 101 looks okay. it's wet out there. you should take time to drive to work. let's move along and take a look at the commute on interstate 880. it looks a little windy there. traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. today in japan there is an increasingly desperate effort to prepresent a meltdown at a power plant. helicopters have been sent in to dump water on the plant's nuclear reactors trying to cool t
's kraig debro joining us live from the crime scene now with more on a new discovery. where are you, kraig? >> reporter: dave, i'm actually in a ditch between the property and a property behind it. this is the area of fremont that's considered south fremont. it's a high-tech company. lots of security. of course we drove around back and here's what we saw. there's been a hole cut through the bushes. if you look behind me right here you can see there's a hole in a fence here that was cut. this hole is right behind this dumpster looking thing. so if somebody did go through here -- we don't have confirmation from police but they wouldn't have been seen. take a look at this. this is a piece of fence cut off. you can see the metal how freshly cut that is. obviously that's a recent cut. look at that branch right here you can see where the branch just got ripped off. so how did somebody get into this business without raising any suspicion? that's a big question right now. company officials told police the robbery took place sunday morning and took just 31 minutes to pull off. sounds like a scene o
driving the car had to be taken out using the jaws of life. she was taken to the hospital. all this happened just after 11:00 last night but it's still not clear what caused the car to leave the roadway. >>> time now 5:02. just hours ago work crews finished yet another big construction job on the new bay bridge. cladeen talked to them to tell us ha they said. >> reporter: we have been talking about the latest milestone in this project. i want to show you what we're talking about. as we zoom in you can see the tower of this new suspension bridge. you can see the flashing red light, which is the crane that sits on top. work to get the next section of that tower up was completed just after 10:00 this morning. i'm going to show you some animation because this shows you what crews were doing. the suspension tower is a single suspension. when finished it will be 525 feet tall. right now it's at about 480 feet. the work to get that upstarted on monday and despite fears that weather would delay the work things moved faster than expected. crews finished as early as this crew takes one m
clouds up above. that's really the only thing stopping us from warming too much. we will see slightly warmer temps. 60 pacifica to 70 antioch. morgan hill 68 san jose. mid-60s in between. if you're looking for really warm weather, you might like our five-day forecast. we'll get to that in five minutes. now at 5:00 here's sal. >>> steve, right now traffic is moving okay here on interstate 880 northbound. but southbound 880 at 238 we have a couple lanes closed on the ramp because of a big rig accident. they're still trying to clear it. chp has issued a sig alert. commute okay on the san mateo bridge heading to the high- rise. now back to the desk. >>> we begin in hercules this morning where a landslide is threatening homes. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro joins us now with what's being done to help these homeowners. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: yeah. this morning the dell young that forced the red tagging little signs of slowing down. take a look at the gutter here. this is water runoff from the hillside. it's not raining tremendous amount of water t. is one of the red tagged h
tells us five people were injured. allie, any word on what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: pam, police haven't identified a motive in this case. however, police spokesman says they are looking into the possibility that this shooting may have been gang-related and the victims may have been targeted. first show you where it happened. we're near 16th in front of the bar. you can see there are some bullet holes on the front of this door. now also there's some video that we're showing you of police starting their investigation. five people were shot and taken to the hospital. one of the victims has life threatening injuries. now san francisco police haven't released the victims' identities nor do they have a description of the suspect or suspects involved. however, in recent weeks san francisco police have stepped up patrols in the mission district. in february a 24-year-old man was shot and killed a block away from here. and police haven't made any arrests in that case. but police as we mentioned do believe some of this violence may be due in part to disputes between rival gangs in
to los angeles. he has a car, but doesn't want to use it because of gas prices. so he is hopping on an amtrak train this morning. he is going south today. that kind of thinking is what has numbers going up by double digits in the corridor the track between here and sacramento. >> gas like gold. >> reporter: it's like gold. >> it's like gold. like gold. >> reporter: and convinced you to get on the train today. >> exactly. exactly. >> reporter: now it's not just amtrak that's seen an increase, bart is talking about increased numbers today. we took a look at numbers that will be presented in a couple of hours. and you can see the numbers sharply spike when you're talking about ridership between december and now. now we're going to head up to the station where it gets busy in the morning. and we'll check back in in about an hour. >> all right. thank you. >>> let's check in and see what's happening on the roads. anything happening out there? >> yes, well this just popped up, a traffic hazard, 680 southbound. we have a car that's actually blocking the slow lane and there's no shoulder
but it is moving through giving us more wind than rain. there are bursts of moderate rain. it will be with us until 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. there is light to moderate amounts down there as well moving through. we will start to see this system in the north bay as well. there is plenty offshore. on the bay side going through the north bay and parts of the east bay. the wind has been up to 35 to 50 miles an hour. >>> steve right now 680 moving along pretty well despite the heavy weather heading toward the south bay if you are driving to pleasanton and fremont. this mornings commute will be busy. the rain is effecting drivers everywhere. jade hernandez is live with more on the wet weather. jade. >> reporter: electronic message boards are warning drivers of this. these are cars that are going through the northbound lanes of 101 right along lucky drive this morning. we can show you exactly what we saw when we arrived more than an hour ago. the rain and the wind. the density has scattered. this area imparticular has a tendency to see flooding issues when the rain comes. the california highway patrol
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23